Monday, February 22, 2010

Chanel Particuliere Comparison

I love taupe/mushroomy polishes. It's probably the largest group in my collection. So I just couldn't miss Chanel Particuliere even I have some similar shades.

I picked up
1. SpaRitual Sage
2. Butter London Fash Pack
3. OPI Over the Taupe
4. Chanel Particuliere
5. Essie Mink Muffs
6. Orly Prince Charming
7. OPI You don't know Jacques!

From this group 4 most close to Chanel Particuliere were SpaRitual Sage, Butter London Fash Pack and OPI Over the Taupe

So I tried those on my nails. Look at swatches

Fash Pack is more yellow and Over the Taupe is considerably darker. SpaRitual Sage is almost dupe. But I love quality of Particuliere better. It's 2 coats but even 1 coat was good enough. Sage required 3 coats to look good. So I absolutely don't regret that I bought Particuliere.


  1. This is an amazing comparison, thank you!!
    Btw. I tweeted about your blog, hopefully people will check it out! :-)

  2. Michele, Thank you so much. I didn't think about promotion yet. I'm fighting with pictures. LOL They don't always pop up in bigger size.

  3. you have a great camera! everything is super clear

  4. Just wanted to say this is the BEST comparison I have found online!!! I have seriously been searching for days for this.

    I went to the Chanel counter here in Cleveland on Sunday and tried on Particuliere. Before I got there I was ready to buy it, but once I had it on a finger I was kind of... Unimpressed!! I couldn't believe it. It seemed too similar to OPI's YDKJ, even though I know it's not. It wasn't different enough to justify spending $23 on, at least. So, I am going to try to find sparitual sage online somewhere; it is the best dupe to Particuliere I have seen (again, nowhere else in the blogosphere was this suggested but here!) but at a MUCH friendlier price. Thanks again!!!!