Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chanel Fall single eyeshadow Vert Khaki comparison

I bought Taupe Gris (limited edition) last week as soon as I got call about arriving Fall collection. But Vert Khaki (another LE) looked like something I can have already. I was very curious how it will look in a line of all khakis I already own. So I went to Nordstrom to look at Fall Dior and I stopped at Chanel counter to swatch Vert Khaki. I planned to bring it at home and to compare to other single eyeshadows. Unfortunately Vert Khaki didn't survive well. But it's not it fault but mine. I smudged it when I placed my daughter in carseat. Anyway I decided it's better to show you something than nothing. Vert Khaki is very well pigmented and looked much darker when I applied it in the store. It's more bronzy brown than other 3 eyeshadows I applied on the left. Other comment I want to do that all Chanels and Dior eyeshadows have multicolored tiny shimmer which add deepness and richness. Mac is more flat and has only unicolored pigment. Taupe Gris is more gray with little purple undertone in the other light. Dior Khakis was discontinued.

Pictures were taken in direct sunlight around 4 pm and it looks warmer then sunlight at noon. I hope it helps. Pictures are clickable as always.


  1. Aww aren't these so pretty! Right up my alley!

  2. Musing on Beauty, thanks! I love olives/khakis too.