Thursday, March 25, 2010

My teal/turquoise collection

I love teal/turquoise polishes. They usually very well pigmented and easy to apply. I have a lot turquoise jackets so this color definitely works for me. It's great for summer pedicure too.

Orly Green with Envy is greenest from the bunch. I love formula and didn't find issues with drying time. Great.
Sula Azure was really awful. It was only one polish I ever returned after one swatch on one nail. It's no way to wear this polish. I have no idea what is reason to do water based polishes if it's impossible to use. It was very uneven and it didn't dry ever. So upsetting because this dusty color could be great.
Nocti Nip Tuck is OK. I couldn't say that I had problems. After reading some reviews I expected worse. I also bought Misa grass is greener on my side which is very close in bottle. So I need to try them together. I feel that Misa formula can be almost perfect.
Milany Fresh Teal is from new neon collection which is available in CVS now. I love it. And formula is great. It's more on blue side than others.

Then I want to show my favorites. I bought Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion because I didn't hope to catch Misa Sexy Dirty Money for reasonable money. But I couldn't believe that it's easily obtainable from Web orders didn't work but e-mail or phone orders worked. And they have all hard to find colors from past collection.

Anyway back to polishes. They both are almost identical in quality and color. I didn't notice any difference and both are perfect. One coat was enough!!!! That's what you see on pictures. Love, Love, Love!!!!!!!


  1. i don't have any of these, but teal is my favorite color, so i have many quite similar :)

  2. Hi Emma,
    I love teal too. What do you have? May be I need more but just don't know yet. LOL

  3. Love this kind of comparisons! Thanks =)

  4. Thanks a bunch for the comparison! Now I have to see if I can get a hold of SOPI's Ocean Love potion hehe :-)

  5. Your comparisons are soooo helpful. Thanks so much!

  6. Nihrida, Charis, Alisa, thank you for comments.

  7. Oh wow, totally don't need ocean love potion because I have DSM! Thank you!