Saturday, April 10, 2010

OPI DS Desire

I just love holographic polishes. And in my opinion OPI created some really unique ones. My previous NOTD was Diamond. It stayed like rock for 8 days without any scratch. I didn't take pictures because I did my mani during my trip to dog show (that's my other obsession). When I came back at home polish was 4 days old. But it looked so good that I just decided to change it only today. And since I was so pleased with Designer Series I wanted to try another one I just got few days ago. I think it was discontinued but still available on ebay. It is Desire - brown/taupe base with highly holographic fine glitter. It looks crazy at sun and very "normal" in shade. It's great "day to night" polish for me. Now take a look

And I just want to show you my lovely dog Lily who is my current show contender. We did really well last weekend and won couple time. Lily makes my really proud. By the way this picture was taken at Saint Patrick week so I thought it was good excuse to wear Nubar Reclaim. I think judge approved it too. You can even see it on my thumb.


  1. What a gorgeous dog! Congratulations on your wins!

  2. nice color !! i loove holo !!! you can't find h&m polish in usa ?
    but you have claire's mood polish :) if you want we can swap ?
    i have a giveaway on my blog if you can come on see !!!

  3. Love the Shar Pei, I have one myself. They are great dogs.

  4. I love holos! They always look great!

    And I've given you a blog award! :)

  5. Lily,

    H&Ms are not available here but claire's are in nearest mall 5 minutes away. I would love to swap. I will check store in couple day to see what they have in stock. I will let you know.

  6. Jennifer,

    Aren't shar-pei most smart breed? I can't imagine to keep other dogs. That's wonderful that you have one too. Actually I have 5 of them. LOL

  7. Musicalhouse,

    Thank you SO much!