Tuesday, April 13, 2010

OPI DS Diamond & Nubar Gem

I just realized that my choices of holos from Nubar Prism Collection and from OPI Designer Series are not random. I bought 2 from each collection and they share the same gender. Even they are not dupes at all.

Before removing OPI DS Desire I wore on weekend I changed polish on middle finger to show you comparison with Nubar Jewel.

Desire is very crazy holo but Jewel is not holo at all. I can call Jewel true prismatic.

OPI DS Diamond has very subtile holographic effect which visible only in bright sun. It looks like shimmer in shade but it's never boring. Because of that it's also totally appropriate for my activities (dog shows) and as I mentioned in other post it stays up to week without any tip wear. I love to use it for trips. Base color is somewhere between silver and lavender and multicolored glitter is very fine and smooth.

Nubar Gem is my other favorite. Base has slight duo-chrome effect and changes colors between light taupe and soft peachy pink. Glitter particles are larger and very shiny. It doesn't have typical hologram look but it's very complex and interesting. Gem is similar to Jewell and very different from all other polishes I ever saw.

And here is comparison of two of them so you can see how different they are. And I need them all. Gem is on middle finger. Diamond is on index, ring and pinkie.


  1. I want more DS polishes, Original and Glamour are on my wish list too.

  2. Great post, I will be adding the Nubars to my collection!