Thursday, April 29, 2010

Choose polish for my new heels

I hope platform peep heels won't be out of fashion any time soon. I bought my 5th and 6th pairs for warm season. Since weather is pretty good today I plan to wear it on Saturday at my friend's birthday party. I didn't decide which pair yet so I'm considering some combinations. And I need your help to pick polishes.

My idea is to match heels color with my finger nails as close as possible and go with opposite color for toes.

I love olive-greens and wish to have more choices. BB Couture Kelly's green and Zoya Irene are most suitable. I also own Mac Dry Martini and OCC Swamp Thing but both are too dark for spring time and my flirty mood. Contrasting color for toes should be bright pink. That offers plenty choices even I'm not such girly pink type. I can consider Butter London Dolly Bird, Misa Runway Diva and Push Upon It (which doesn't look on picture even close to real life).

For very pale grey heels I'm considering Misa Fasionista and Essie Body Language for my mani and Zoya Roxi or Sally Hansen CSM in Plum Luck for my pedi .

Body Language is perfect match. Roxy just creates nice contrast in color and texture. Kelly's green is close in color and I personally love this micro-gliter in avocado base. It also reminded me how I need Grenade from their collection for men. Misa Push Upon It is deep berry color and it's nothing like brownish red it looks at my picture. Probably I need to pick rest of outfit first and then to check how is works with my polishes. I definitely have deep olive dress with red-berry embroidery which I kept in mind when I was buying this heels. And pale heels works almost with everything in my closet.

I want to hear your suggestions for picking polishes for mani and pedi. I need inspiration and maybe you can move my minds in different direction. Please, comment.


  1. hey doll! I hate this part of the outfit! where u have to pick lol but i completely feel your pain! If it were ME! I would go with EXACTLY what you have but change the pink you have for the BUTTER LONDON and give it more of a KICK and a stand-out look :)

    have a greatttt weekend!!

    xxx s

  2. Actually it's not pain but fun. Thanks for approval. Yes, Butter London is one of the brightest in my collection. I also have Orly La Vida Loca which is crazy bright too. I will try one of them.

    Have a great weekend too. May is almost here.