Friday, April 30, 2010

New Babies in My Collection plus Japanese pictures

First of all I want to say thank you for all nice comments in giveaway post. You, guys, make me happy. More than 80 new followers came during couple days and that's great. I feel that I need to do new giveaway as soon as first one is done. I will start to shop around for something interesting for you (good excuse to shop again LOL).

This week was not bad at all. Actually I was VERY lucky to find Mac polishes which I wanted badly for a while. I didn't have big hopes when ask SR about Blue India because it was sold out everywhere. She said that they just cleaned back room and found some limited editions. I almost screamed when she brought box polishes and Blue India was on the top. I checked others and found Seriously Hip and Baby Goth Girl. I also won 2 Lippmann polishes on ebay last week (very cheap) and they arrived the same day. And the last (but not least) was Chanel Illusion d'Or which was delivered yesterday. So here they are all together.

All except Mac Blue India requires special light conditions to show all beauty. I tried to catch it.

Chanel Illusion d'Or has tiny gold glitter with iridescent flakies shining with blue, purple and green sparkles. I can't wait to start to swatch my new Chanel baby layered over everything. But I stop myself because I can't take pictures without help. And my 3 years old daughter is not big helper with pictures yet. Even adult can't hold my camera without support (Canon 20D with telephoto zoom lens if you are curious).

Lippmann Collections Fever has gold shimmer what makes this polish really special.

Lippmann Collection Pump Up the Jam has aubergine/eggplant shimmer in black base but it has also larger particles of multicolored tiny glitter. Unfortunately it's not really visible on nails (yes, I tried on one nail LOL).

Mac Baby Goth Girl is similar to Pump Up the Jam but shimmer is more reddish-purple. Mac Seriously Hip has golden olive shimmer in black base.

My husband is traveling in Japan. Skype is wonderful thing. We can talk and see each other every morning when he comes to hotel for night and every evening when he wakes up and ready to leave for adventures. He takes a lot of pictures and videos and I can't resist to show his pictures to you. I hope I will be there someday too. As usual all pictures are clickable.

Golden Pavilion in Kioto

You can recognize famous view of Mount Fuji at sunrise.


  1. yay nice hauls. swatches pls.. hehe
    beautiful pics really want go trip to Japan :D

  2. Tips On Nails, thank you. DH knows how to take nice pictures and he is not lazy to wake up at 4 a.m. to catch sunrise.

    Ipehishere, thanks. I promise swatches as soon as DH comes back. I can't wait myself. I wish to go to Japan too.

    Sonidlo, thank you.

  3. Lily, I understand you very well. LOL

  4. so many pretties...can't wait to see some swatches!

  5. i have the same mac polishes !!!

  6. Emma, My DH came back at home. So this is what I'm going to do tomorrow - to do swatches!

  7. Lily, I tried each on one nail and quality of all those Macs just great.

  8. Nice pics. I have been in Japan at 2007. I was really impressed about that country. And Mt. Fuji has great scenery.