Saturday, May 1, 2010

New Nubar Collections are available!

The Night Sky Collection was inspired by the shifting colors of the evening sky. Each of the three shades dries to a shimmering matte finish and can be worn either alone or topped with Diamont Seal & Shine Quick Dry Top Coat for a Dazzling Shine.

Sunset - is the rich golden shade of a perfect sunset, Twilight - is a subtle light grey seen just before nightfall, and Midnight is the deep charcoal of a clear moonlit night.

Nubar celebrates ten years of creating safe and innovative nail lacquers free of DBP (phthalate), formaldehyde, and toluene with Nubar 2010. This fantastic shade consists of flakes of reflective glitter in a polychromatic base, and displays its many shades when worn alone as a sheer polish or layered over other nubar nail lacquers for a dramatic effect. The limit to nubar 2010's possibilities is your imagination!

I also got this info today - Nubar offers 20% off retail orders of $30 or more with code MOM20 through May 6th, with free shipping on orders of $75 or more after discount is applied. The Night Sky Collection and 10th anniversary clor, Nubar 2010 are available today, so visit us at to take advantage of this offer.

I'm going to order because I feel I will like those. And 2010 is just gorgeus (looks like good replacement of Hidden Treasure which I still can't find).


  1. nice color :)
    but not avaible in france as always :(

  2. wow
    i'll have to find a site to order it

  3. I'm going to be watching for swatches of 2010. I have Hidden Treasure and GOSH Rainbow but might need 2010 as well. :)

  4. Lily, if you need I can buy it for you.

    You nailed it! Their site is

    KarenD, I just bought Hidden Treasure today and now I'm not so sure that I need 2010. They look similar. And I have also few Nfu Ohs so .... will see. LOL