Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mac Baby Goth Girl & Lippmann Superstar

Mac Baby Goth Girl is even prettier in real life than in bottle. It shows purple shimmer and larger bronzier particles very well in direct sunlight. It doesn't look plain in the shade too. Love it.

Application was very nice. I used 2 coats with SV base and top coats and could live with this polish happily few days. But......
Postman brought package with Lippman Superstar in it. Thank you Dani! So I couldn't resist to apply one more coat of Superstar over Baby Goth Girl.

And .....I love it too. Very nice cooper-toned glitter is absolutely unique. I will try it alone later but now I enjoy it layered. No top coat on this picture. I think it will look even better with SV although.


  1. Thats one of the best pictures I've seen of Mac BGG. Looks wonderful!

  2. i love them :)
    i have baby goth and it's a beautifull color !! and i never try lippman brand but the result is so nice :)

  3. Jessica, thank you. My pictures still don't show all beauty of BGG.

    Lily, thank you. Lippmann's polishes have very nice quality but a bit pricey. Superstar is my 3rd one and I didn't pay full price for any of them.

  4. That glitter looks fabulous!