Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mac Seriously Hip and comparison

I need to change my minds about Mac polishes. I didn't like formula before. All 3 I bought last time are so easy to work with. Seriously Hip was my lemming for few months. I didn't hope to get it but now I can enjoy this polish so much. I didn't buy Chanel Or de Russie when I kept it in my hands in Chanel store because it was even more expensive than usual ($30) and so I tried to find replacement since then. Finally Seriously Hip satisfied me on 100%. Topic closed. LOL

Black base with gold shimmer looks very rich and interesting. You can see some multicolored particles which just add attractiveness. 2 coats with base and top coats are all it needs to show all glory. Add bright sun for full picture.

Seriously Hip is not only one black with gold shimmer in my collection so I checked what else I already have. China Glaze Wagon Trail is very close and Color Club with Abandon is not so.

CC with Abandon has more copper color of shimmer. I though CG Wagon Trail is bit more olive-green but it doesn't show it on nails.

CC With Abandon is most sheer and required 3 coats. CG Wagon Trail is 2 coats as well as Mac Seriously Hip. Wagon Trail has the same type of multicolored sparkles and I'm sure I would never tell "who is who" if I didn't know that.

Finally I want to share picture of my rhododendron in full bloom which I took while I was waiting my DH to help me with nail pictures.

Enjoy beautiful spring time in Northern Hemisphere!


  1. very similiar color O.O
    i cant see the different
    great post

  2. Ipehishere,

    Yes, I can't see difference either. But if I keep just one it would be Seriously Hip.