Friday, April 23, 2010

Misa Fashionista

Fashionista was my NOTD couple days ago. I just took it away this morning. I love this color so much. And very nice application. And even in 2 thin coats. Color is right on my alley. Dusty. It's somewhere between mauve and lilac. And dusty! Dusty mauve!

Fashionista is not exact color of my blooming lilac but from the same family.

Rabbit enjoyed grass before we cut it couple days ago. He was sitting right under lilac bush. So I scared him when I came to take pictures there.


  1. That color looks great on you. Cute rabbit!

  2. nice color !!!: lovely rabbit !!

  3. love this colour, it falls into the metro chic family for sure.

    lovely blog!